Serverless API with TypeScript on AWS

  • Traditionally APIs are packaged into one deliverable; serverless architecture encourages to divide solutions up into many smaller units that are packaged and deployed individually.
  • Traditionally APIs are stateful applications that are started and stopped infrequently; serverless architecture encourages to start up compute tasks only on demand.
  • Use AWS HTTP Gateway to route HTTP requests to AWS Lambda functions
  • Develop handlers for HTTP routes in TypeScript
  • Deploy every handler in a separate Lambda for minimal cold-start times
  • Generate configuration for the API Gateway automatically by mapping .ts files in a src/routes folder to HTTP routes
  • Have all infrastructure defined in Terraform for easy extensibility and configuration


Overall Architecture

Overview of Architecture


  • Provide us with a public HTTP endpoint that clients can call
  • Route requests to Lambdas based on the request path
resource "aws_apigatewayv2_api" "api" {
name = "lambda-api-gateway-${}"
description = "API for Goldstack lambda deployment"
protocol_type = "HTTP"
resource aws_route53_record a {
type = "A"
name = var.api_domain
zone_id = data.aws_route53_zone.main.zone_id

alias {
evaluate_target_health = false
name = aws_apigatewayv2_domain_name.domain.domain_name_configuration[0].target_domain_name
zone_id = aws_apigatewayv2_domain_name.domain.domain_name_configuration[0].hosted_zone_id
resource "aws_acm_certificate" "wildcard" {

domain_name = var.api_domain
subject_alternative_names = ["*.${var.api_domain}"]
validation_method = "DNS"

tags = {
ManagedBy = "goldstack-terraform"
Changed = formatdate("YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm ZZZ", timestamp())

lifecycle {
ignore_changes = [tags]
"lambdas": {
"$default": {
"function_name": "serverless-api-default_gateway_lambda_2281"
"ANY /admin/{proxy+}": {
"function_name": "serverless-api-admin-_proxy__"
"ANY /cart/{sessionId}/items": {
"function_name": "serverless-api-cart-_sessionId_-items"
"ANY /echo": {
"function_name": "serverless-api-echo"
"ANY /order/{id}": {
"function_name": "serverless-api-order-_id_"
"ANY /user": {
"function_name": "serverless-api-user-index_root_lambda_4423"
"ANY /user/{userId}": {
"function_name": "serverless-api-user-_userId_"

TypeScript Handlers in Lambdas

import { Handler, APIGatewayProxyEventV2 } from 'aws-lambda';

type ProxyHandler = Handler<APIGatewayProxyEventV2, any>;

// eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/no-unused-vars
export const handler: ProxyHandler = async (event, context) => {
const message = event.queryStringParameters?.message || 'no message';

return {
message: `${message}`,
resource "aws_lambda_function" "this" {
for_each = var.lambdas

function_name = lookup(each.value, "function_name", null)

filename = data.archive_file.empty_lambda.output_path

handler = "lambda.handler"
runtime = "nodejs12.x"

memory_size = 2048
timeout = 27 # default Gateway timeout is 29 s

role = aws_iam_role.lambda_exec.arn
resource "aws_apigatewayv2_integration" "this" {
for_each = var.lambdas
api_id =
integration_type = "AWS_PROXY"

payload_format_version = "2.0"
connection_type = "INTERNET"
description = "Dynamic lambda integration"
integration_method = "POST"
integration_uri = aws_lambda_function.this[each.key].invoke_arn

Route Configuration

resource "aws_apigatewayv2_route" "this" {
for_each = var.lambdas

api_id =
route_key = each.key

target = "integrations/${aws_apigatewayv2_integration.this[each.key].id}"


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Technical Lead and explorer of things based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Max Rohde

Max Rohde

Technical Lead and explorer of things based in Melbourne, Australia.

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